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Visa Services Bali by Mitra Prestasi Gemilang (MPG) is an authorized and official visa agent. With almost 20 years of experience, your passport is in safe hands with our company. We provide all types of visas : retirement visa, social cultural visa, kitas visa (working permit), visa on arrival, business visa with multiple entry and investor visa. 

MPG is also a business consultant. If you are a foreigner in Bali and want to start a business, we guide you through all the necessary steps. We help you get a working permit, company license, business visa and provide all information needed to successfully set up your business in Bali. 

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New Visa Rules for Indonesia => E-Visa

Since 13 of October 2020 there are no telex visas for the new regulation, and you get an e-Visa. It’s a visa transformation from a visa label/sticker on your passport to an electronic form sent directly to your sponsor’s email address. So you don’t require to collect the visa in person at the Indonesian Embassy or a representative overseas.

For your information, during this Pandemic of Cov-19, social-cultural visas are not allowed to apply to enter Indonesia because social culture visas are only for humanities reasons. If you have an intention to come to Indonesia, the option is with an e-visa business single entry offshore (B211A).
Please remember that this visa is a single entry that will terminate when you leave the country, you can not work with this visa. Only for Business activities’ purpose not engaged as an employee by any Indonesian Company and or make money in Indonesia.

FYI: Due to this Pandemic of Cov-19, if you would like to stay longer than 180 days, you can extend your visa 211 with an onshore E-Visa application process without leaving the country.

E-Visa Application


  1. Passport Minimum Valid 8 Months
  2.  Health Insurance with a minimum covered of USD16,000, OR we can use a statements accordingly when we apply for the visa
  3. The latest Bank Statement with a balance Minimum of USD5,000.-
  4. Statement Letters ( we will provide the draft of the statement letters )
  5. Address in Bali
  6. Photograph( formal and color photo )

The Process takes 5-7 working days


At this time, our price to apply for e-visa business single entry (B211A) offshore is available on request.
The above price includes:

  1. Processing fee;
  2. Visa fee,-;
  3. e-Visa approval (valid 90 days since the date approval);
  4. Invitation letter


  • 100% in advance before we start your visa applications process
  • Transfer payment through our Company Bank account with total amount without any deduction to the Bank
  • If the payment is through PayPal, please add 10% from the total amount for Fee and
  • Payments made for the e-visa process are NOT REFUNDABLE.
  • Can change the price without further notice depending on the situation and new regulation 

The extension Fee every 60 days is is available on request. If you want to stay in Bali for six months, the extension should conduct 2 (two) times.

If you wish to extend the visa,  your passport and payment must be in the immigration office at least seven days before the visa expires. We must have your Passport and fee already at the MPG office at least ten days before the visa expires to start processing the extension


  • The process will depend on the government system; the process will be on schedule if the system is going well.
  • Natural disasters, massive conditions, government process systems experiencing disruption, new regulations issued by the government, and other circumstances determined by the competentauthority as force majeure are part of the force majeure situation because they directly impact the implementation of the process.
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With over 20 years of experience, your passport is in safe hands with our company.

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Whatever your request is, Ayu and her team will provide you all information needed.

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With MPG, you save time and effort. Your 3 visits to the immigration office are cut down to 1.

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    5 star review  Punctual, accurate, efficient, pleasant. Less expensive than others who tried to add on some 'extra charges'. We were very happy that we were getting good service and exactly... read more

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