July 9, 2016


You can enter and exit Indonesia as many times as you like for 1 Year.

However, the maximum length of stay at any one time in Indonesia is 60 days. You must then exit Indonesia. You can return to Indonesia at any time while the visa is still valid.

How to apply?

We will process your application with the Indonesian immigration in Jakarta. Once your application has been approved by Jakarta Immigration, they will issue a telex visa which will be sent to the Indonesian embassy where you have applied from. The telex visa must be used within 2 months otherwise it will expire and you will have to re-apply.

You can visit Indonesia as many times as you like in one year!


  1. Passport still valid for at least 18 months from the date of entry
  2. Copy of passport ID Page
  3. Two recent color passport photographs. The photograph must be 6×4 cm taken on a plain red background, complying with Indonesian Immigration requirements.
  4. A sponsorship letter complying with Indonesia Embassy requirements from an Indonesian company registered in Bali.
  5. Copy of the KTP (Indonesian ID Card) of an authorized employee of the company.
  6. Copy of TDP (Company registration)
  7. Copy NPWP (Company tax card or certificate)
  8. Copy of SIUP (Company license)
  9. For a business visa for Bali the company sponsor must be registered in Bali and the authorized employee must be registered as living in Bali.
  10. Pay the Business visa – Multiple  entry fee to an overseas Indonesian embassy.

If you apply from Singapore we have a local agent.

If you are unsure please contact us.


If you do not have a sponsor we can provide a sponsor for you including sponsorship letter and copy of the sponsors KTP for you to apply at any overseas Indonesian embassy.

Multiple Business Visa: Please contact your local Indonesian embassy for prices. The cost of this visa varies from country to country and is paid for in the local currency.

Providing a Multiple Business visa sponsor:  IDR 500.000 per person

Processing: IDR 2.000.000 per person6