July 8, 2016


The maximum length of stay in Indonesia is 60 days. However the visa can be extended for a further 30 days up to a maximum of 4 times giving a total of a approximately 6 months (180 days).

You cannot get a social visa in Indonesia; you must apply to any overseas Indonesian embassy before entering Indonesia.

This visa is single entry only, if at any time you leave Indonesia the visa finishes. If you wish to return to Indonesia you can enter on a visa on arrival or re-apply for a new social visa to any overseas Indonesian embassy.


If you wish to extend the visa your passport and payment MUST be in immigration at least 7 days before the visa expires.

It is very important we have your passport and payment at least 10 days before the visa expires, so we can start processing the extension.

If you overstay at anytime and don’t exit Indonesia and or delay to do extension, immigration will fine you IDR 1,000,000 per day for each day you are overstayed. You will have to pay this at the airport to immigration when you exit before they will allow you to leave or at the time you do extension at the Immigration office close to your stay.


  1. The applicant passport must be valid for at least 8 (eight) months from the date of arrival in Indonesia (Please note that temporary passport, emergency travel document or travel document issued by different country are not considered as a passport).
  2. Two recent color passport photographs. The photograph must be 6×4 cm taken on a plain red background, complying with Indonesian Immigration requirements.
  3. A sponsorship letter complying with Indonesia Embassy requirements from an Indonesian individual or social organization. If you are unsure please contact us.
  4. Copy of the KTP (Indonesian ID Card) of sponsor. For a social visa for Bali the sponsor and KTP must be registered as living in Bali.
  5. Pay the visa fee to an overseas Indonesian embassy.


If you do not have a sponsor we can provide a sponsor for you including sponsorship letter and copy of the sponsors KTP for you to apply at any overseas Indonesian embassy.

Social Visa: Please contact your local Indonesian embassy for prices. The cost of this visa varies from country to country and is paid for in the local currency.

Providing a social visa sponsorIDR 300.000 per person

Extension cost  IDR 900,000 per person every 30 days

Normal process 10 working days.

We are also offer for express process.